KS5 CEIAG Programme

Years 12 and 13 - Take-Off! 

Take off!

Looking ahead to:

Further career-path investigation; use UNIFROG to record and discover

Life-skills: Meet industry-ambassadors

Focused-career Work Experience (Year 12)

Personal branding and generating more skills and attributes to give a competitive edge.

Year 12 Programme

We hosted Design Your Future (a Careers Fair) event.  Provided by ‘Learning To Work’, it is an interactive virtual event where students are able to explore a variety of career paths by having conversations and seeing professional exhibits/presentations from inspirational employees of many prestigious companies from a whole range of career-disciplines. Our Year 12s are supported and trained to create a competitive UCAS application after in-depth investigation and research into possible universities. Other exit options are also discussed; routes such as apprenticeships, internships, employment etc.

In the summer term, an annual Year 12 Futures Week event is held which offers a wide range of career and ‘next-step’ activities to help our students make focused plans for their future. There will be opportunities to develop personal branding and will meet industry ambassadors.

Year 13 Interview Skills Workshop 

This day which is run by 'Learning to Work' is made up of 3 workshops with the aim of providing students with a better understanding of the interview/ selection process and how to be successful in an interview.   

Virtual Interview Preparation

Preparation, what to expect and how to achieve maximum impact

Assessment Centre

Explores what happens and why at an assessment centre, and includes practical exercise.

Practising the Interview Process

Based around university interviews, content and context. Students work in groups of three taking turns to interview, be the interviewee and to be the observer. Students are mentored by business volunteers.