Letter from the Head Girl

Hello, my name is Gurlina and I am honoured and excited to be writing this letter to you as the Head Girl of Kendrick School.

Having to write this letter has allowed me to think about my time at Kendrick and how much I have grown over the past six years that I have been here. I can remember how nervous I was when I first came here worrying about the great academic achievements of the school and whether or not I would be good enough to fit in with everyone else. I thought these fears were something only I felt but once I arrived I realised that I wasn’t alone in these feelings, everyone felt the same, and it wasn’t long before these fears disappeared and I felt fine. This is because the Kendrick Community welcomed me and made me feel at home. This ‘Kendrick Community’ is what I have grown up with and appreciate so much and it is what sets us apart from other schools; we are a closely knit school which makes it possible to speak to anyone across the school.

What I most love about our school is the way in which everyone's ideas are included no matter how weird or wonderful they are. Examples of this could be a room packed full of enthusiastic scrabblers during break time to the sixth form get suited and booted for an attempt at playing indoor football! But that’s it – it is all about having a go at something and taking part, enjoying being with your friends or House buddies, laughing and smiling! If you don’t win house charades or house chess – does it matter? Taking part is what matters. As a member of Sidmouth I know we don’t do too well at sports but we have won House Drama for three years running!

I think that Kendrick has something for everyone whether you are an artist or a mathematician, it doesn't matter because the one thing that I have felt is that I can be myself here. That's the main reason why I think Kendrick is different to others schools and that is that students can openly express their feelings and thoughts without anyone pre-judging them; this is a vital in an era of change.

The way in which the teachers support students here at Kendrick is above and beyond what most people would do or experience elsewhere. This support goes from academic help to pastoral support, getting involved in charity events including the iconic teacher lip sync battle where teachers and students go head to head! Altogether the teachers and staff are great and I know that I would not be here now without the help and support of all the teachers on my school journey.

I will always remember my science teacher who really put everything in perspective for me by giving our class tests at the start of every lesson and although at first we were all panicked because of all the revision we needed to do, it taught us a valuable lesson. His point was that he wanted to see what we did not know, not what we didn’t know! This is something that has stuck with me and I now realise that we cannot do more than our best and that it doesn't matter if we are not always the best all of the time. But that is OK!

So on to the future, I cannot express how excited I am to be your Head Girl! Along with the rest of the team, we are planning some exciting events, things that have been done before as well as new ideas we haven’t tried before, so that at least one person in school can try something new, because that is what I think is the most fundamental part of secondary school...trying something new.

Best wishes.

Gurlina Heer