Letter from the Head Girl

Hello there! My name is Louise, and it is an honour to be writing to you as the Head Girl of Kendrick School, about some of my personal experiences here.

My time here started back in 2012 when I sat the Kendrick Entrance Exam, full of nerves as I lined up with my friends outside my dream choice of secondary school. It was a challenge that we had all built ourselves up for, yet little did we know - it would be the first of many more.

Throughout your growing process here, challenges will be one of the most vital parts of learning; not just to get smarter intellectually but also emotionally. After all, it’s when we struggle that we truly develop - not when things go our way. Having this piece of advice (which Mr Simmonds will often remind you of) helped me to put things into perspective when life felt overwhelming.

One of the best aspects of the school that I came to love was the presence of extracurriculars available to all the students. From events such as House Music, House Debate, and House Sports, to the Combined Cadet Forces, Model United Nations, and student-led Societies, there is more than enough for everyone to find a community.

Whether it’s leading, organizing, or just taking part in activities; it’s a guaranteed way to make friends and memories that will remain with you even when you leave school.

Being at Kendrick has let me meet people from all walks of life, and provided me with a vast array of opportunities that I otherwise would not have experienced. As a cheeky, talkative kid who grew up in a Chinese restaurant, it could have been easy for me to feel isolated and misunderstood; yet the community spirit in school made me feel welcome and at one with myself. It didn’t matter so much that we came from different backgrounds, because it meant the world to me to be with people who shared the same passion for learning, whether it was for sciences, humanities, or the arts. Moreover, the level of understanding and care shown by my teachers created a wonderfully warm environment that allowed me to find where my true strengths were. Being average at Maths wasn’t so bad when I realised there were careers other than Medicine to go into! I remember my Year 7 form tutor saying, “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb trees”. Hence as a self-proclaimed fish, I chose to put the idea of becoming a doctor to rest; letting me discover a world of Economics and Philosophy that (to put lightly) gave me a buzz slightly more than Maths did.

Having the privilege to choose what kind of future I wanted for myself - and knowing that my school family of teachers and friends would have my back - was one of the most empowering feelings I think a young person can experience. Not to mention, Kendrick is a place that welcomes new ideas, new perspectives, and lets pupils build their own legacies whether you’re in the Head Girl Team, School Council, or just a bunch of friends who want to change the world around them.

That’s why this year, to honour the importance of Empowerment, the Head Girl Team of 2019 has come up with a new approach, to:

Empower Yourself,

Empower Your Community,

And Empower Your Environment.

Firstly, to empower ourselves, we plan to integrate mental health awareness into all that we do by holding advice drop-ins on choosing GCSEs and A-Levels, and inviting speakers from higher level academic fields to gather inspiration. Secondly, to empower our community, we’re engaging in Outreach work where Upper School have volunteered to hold clubs in primary schools. Lastly, to empower our environment, we want to collaborate with the Eco-Committee to raise awareness and minimise our carbon footprint.

Kendrick is a school that proved to me over the years how education is the key to success, and I can sincerely say that growing up here has equipped me with the courage, maturity, and resilience to face life beyond school.

Louise Wu
Head Girl