Letter from the Prefect Committee

Hello! We’re the Head Girl Team Prefects, and we’re delighted to share our plans for the coming year with you.

Hello! I’m Simran, the Pastoral Prefect. As a new student this year, I was overwhelmed with the welcome I received when I joined the school and a big aim of mine is to further the integration between not only new and existing students, but also between year groups. Overall, my ethos is centered around maintaining a friendly school environment and supporting the wellbeing of each student. As the Pastoral Prefect, I will also be helping to manage our fabulous charity events, ranging from cake sales to our very own festival here at Kendrick, K-Fest, which is always a huge success!

Hello everyone, I'm Amy! As the new Community Prefect, I am responsible for developing links with partner schools and organisations, as well as enhancing the connections and community spirit within school. Kendrick has had many successful outreach events in our community, including running clubs at primary schools and holding events and projects to support charities. This year especially, my committee and I hope to enable the student body to be eco-warriors; already the school has introduced reusable plates in the canteen as well as more recycling bins. Most importantly, we want to ensure that each student is as well-rounded and happy as they can be.

Hello, I’m Zaynab, the Curriculum Prefect! My committee and I are keen that every student here at Kendrick has a fantastic learning experience with plenty of help when they need it, so over the coming year we’ll be striving to develop the mentoring scheme, and widening the network of support students have when they choose their GCSE and A-Level options. On top of this, we’d love to get everyone involved with what our school has to offer beyond studies- by hopefully creating some new extracurricular opportunities (we’ve already got plans for the library, book-lovers!). Wherever your interests lie and no matter what you’re passionate about, we’ll work to ensure Kendrick life has something for you.

Hello! My name is Mia and I am the Communications Prefect! Having been going to this wonderful school for six years currently, I have been introduced to many events run at Kendrick including our renowned charity weeks, which have included everything from world record-breaking sessions to teacher Come Dine With Me. My committee and I will be involved in helping promote these events so that everyone can enjoy them just as much as we have! We are also the masterminds behind the school social media on which we update you about the going ons in our school and also offer advice for all of your Kendrick needs.

Hello. I’m Gabrielle. One thing I have loved about Kendrick is that while we work hard to be the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be, we also encourage students to be socially active so that they have an opportunity to relax and take a break from their studies. Some ways that this is done at Kendrick is by taking part in sports or music events. As Social Prefect, along with my committee, I help to run social events with other schools, across the year groups.