Letter from the Prefects

Hello! We are the Kendrick Student Leadership Team Prefects and we are so excited for the coming year and to reveal to you who we are, our roles and plans for the coming year.

I'm Letitia and the role I have been given, ‘Inclusion Prefect’, a new addition this year to the Student Leadership Team, was created to accommodate our team’s aim to enhance the inclusivity of the school community. Of course, this is a very broad aim, but we have set specific goals within each of our roles to incorporate this theme; in my case, as the Inclusion Prefect and Deputy Student Leader, I hope to enhance opportunities for interconnectivity by creating new platforms for communication and making these easily accessible. As an art student, I am especially enthusiastic about encouraging and creating a platform for students’ creativity outside of more academic subjects, and so I have launched a Kendrick Instagram Arts account, which is open for submissions from every student and all artforms- I have received so many amazing submissions since its launch in March! I am very excited about the year to come and hope our team can truly make a difference in the community.

Hello! My name is Manya and my role as the Communications Prefect is to ensure every student at school is able to get their voice heard and act as a medium between students and staff by conveying ideas to the whole committee first. It is of utmost importance to us to respond to ideas or issues brought up by the student body and emphasise the equal opportunity for change as we are accessible by each and every person whether that be online or through discussions in real life. Another key role of mine is to promote the abundance of fruitful and exciting initiatives we hold, at school and on social media- as well as make sure the message behind our inspiring activities and united charity work is truly uncovered. We will be emphasising connectivity through promoting our newsletter and the Instagram Arts page which is open to all.

Hi! My name is Khadija and I am Curriculum Prefect. My role is to provide opportunities for all students at Kendrick, while having a focus on inclusion, our theme for this year. I would like to organise events that provide information on humanities and arts, such as taster events on careers and courses at university, to help students consider all prospects with an open mind. My committee aims to create a new transport buddy system, in order to create cross links between year groups. Students are paired up according to transport and location, so that there will always be a friendly face on their travels to school. Our refugee homework club is already thriving, and we would love to expand it so that we can help more children in the local community.

Hello everyone- I’m Kalki! Having moved here in Year 12, I’ve just recently experienced the warm and welcoming community here at school, and I’m keen to pay it forward as your new community prefect. In my role, I’ll be responsible for strengthening Kendrick’s links with local schools as well as organising new outreach programmes in our local area. Together, my committee and I will work to bring out the best of our community: organising charity events, primary school clubs, and subject workshops. Running with our theme of inclusion, we’ll focus on reaching out to communities that are under-represented at Kendrick so that we can make our school a place for everyone.

Hello! I’m Rhea, the Management Prefect. Having been at Kendrick since Year 7, I’ve found a strong sense of community and passion unites all throughout the school. This feeling is embodied in our aim: ‘inclusion’. Throughout all our upcoming plans for the year, our committee strives to manifest this idea and make it an integral part of our personal goals. In my role, I’ll be working in close liaison with other councils in the school and other leadership teams to promote ideas and coordinate strategies as well as establishing a newsletter with the team to ensure our cause and actions fully encompass the entire student body. Kendrick School is home to a vibrant community and our committee is honoured to be a part of that.

Hi! I’m Temi and as your Pastoral Prefect my main aim is to support YOU in your journey through the year! This means raising issues regarding mental health and developing new ways to support the student body to ensure you are working at your best potential. Kendrick is a place of inclusion and it is important to me for each and every one of you to feel safe and positively motivated in a space where you can confidently work and feel you belong in. All this starts with promoting female empowerment in a way that is both impactful and insightful to the student body. My role also includes actively supporting students in their ideas and passions, specifically those concerning charity work and in offering guidance/advice to those who may seek it. Thus, within my committee we will be working closely with the Senior Pastoral Team to improve the way in which we support students so that it is accessible and helpful to all. Lastly, my committee and I will both encourage and promote activities/events that foster inter-year relationships and whole school involvement not only to exemplify our school spirit but to better the student experience for all.