Letter from the Student Leader

Hello! I’m Angelica and it is a true pleasure to be writing to you as the Student Leader of Kendrick School and share my own experiences with you.

Decisions are an essential part to life. Some may be considered less significant than others, but nonetheless, they ultimately determine our future experiences and outcomes.  Seven years ago, the important decision as to which secondary school I should attend had to be made. I remember entering the school gates on Open Day, pumping with excitement yet clutching my father’s hand nervously. I remember admiring the nurturing and vibrant atmosphere of Kendrick and the outstanding educational and extra-curricular opportunities provided as I ambled through the corridors. At the end of that day, I  remember making one of the best decisions of my life - I told my father that I wanted to be a student at Kendrick School.

It is beyond belief how much of a rewarding influence Kendrick School has had on the young woman I am today. There is a real sense of unity, support and integrity at this school which is unique and extremely rare to find anywhere else. I never would have expected to gain the enriching experiences and opportunities Kendrick offers unfailingly every single day. My personal favourites which I look forward to are the musical concerts, House Drama, the exceptional sport clubs, Evening of Dance, the student-led societies and the invitations of incredible guest speakers who inspire us to reach our potential and broaden our aspirations. If you’d have told 11-year-old me that I would be able to confidently play the djembe (a special drum played with bare hands) in front of hundreds of people every year, there is a slim chance I would have believed you. I think that’s the beauty of Kendrick - it encourages you to widen your horizons and flourish in your desires.

What I find particularly remarkable about Kendrick is the profound passion for lifelong learning and for upholding a unique community spirit, which is shared by both the exceptionally dedicated staff and promising students. Academic growth of the highest quality is without a doubt a very significant part of Kendrick and is cherished by the students. I admit, completing schoolwork is not always the most exciting activity. However, the teachers here are caring and make sure that every student is comfortable and confident in their learning. Furthermore, Kendrick also uses a holistic approach in regards to supporting students as many strides are taken towards promoting mental and social wellbeing. I myself have gone through difficult times but I am proud to have got through them with the help of the pastoral structure of Kendrick School.

I have always been a strong advocate for women having excellent educational opportunities and pursuing their aspirations in life, no matter their background, upbringing or status and it is delightful to see that many other students at Kendrick also share this belief. Kendrick School stimulates a zeal for contributing to society due to the presence of charity weeks, the Refugee Homework Club and student-led initiatives in supporting charities which they feel strongly about.

I am very honoured to have been chosen as the Student Leader of the Kendrick Student Leadership Team 2020/2021 and we are already buzzing for the year ahead. The concept of ‘Inclusion' is one which we will refer and adhere to throughout the entire year. Our overarching goal is to ensure all voices are heard and appreciated, irrespective of background, in order to fulfil our aim in creating an experience that is rewarding and as fruitful as possible for each and every student. I am confident that Kendrick will provide us the tools and support to achieve this aim.

The Kendrick community is dynamic, diverse and driven. Kendrick is an outstanding school with a strong reputation for exceptional educational opportunities and for providing the resources to succeed in life. The harmonious environment facilitates the creation of long-term friendships and lifelong kindness. Kendrick does not fall short of fun and excitement and each and every day there will always be something to make you smile.

Student Leader