Pastoral Care

There is a strong and well organised pastoral structure in the school based upon an effective infrastructure and a good communications system. The system of pastoral care begins with the induction process led by the Teaching and Learning Coordinator (TLC) for Year 7 and the Year 7 tutors.
The role of the tutor is of the utmost importance and is the first point of contact over any issue (for parents and for staff). Our intention at Kendrick is that there is a close and caring relationship between the student and her tutor which will support the student during her life at Kendrick.
Regular tutor meetings, documentation of all information, formal and informal discussions, regular one-to-one student profiling, reports and tutor involvement in their form’s PSHCE programme all go to create the conditions which enable this relationship to flourish. The TLC oversees the whole process and is the next point of contact after the tutor.
We also understand and value the contribution that parents and carers give to this relationship and we wish to work in partnership and in cooperation with parents and carers so that students feel supported and valued in their school life.