Personal Development and Enrichment


The purpose of our Sixth Form Personal Development and Enrichment curriculum is to take students’ experiences and thought beyond their narrow but rigorous academic focus. We believe our lessons and enrichment sessions provide students with the necessary experiences to become well-rounded, active members of modern societies. In our sessions, everything we cover is veiled in the important message of respect, tolerance and kindness for others. In addition to promoting these essential values, we believe that our curriculum provides students with the best possible experiences for later life, educating them in a diverse range of relevant and current topics


Personal development lessons are led by a tutor with materials provided in advance. For an overview of the curriculum, please see below. Tutors are provided with appropriate training when dealing with new or challenging topics.

Enrichment periods are led by Jacob Duncan, Head of Personal Development and Enrichment and the Sixth Form team. These fortnightly sessions are designed to take students out of their subject focus and to broaden their thinking and understanding of a variety of topics. The Sixth Form lecture series makes up the vast majority of sessions; the sessions are led by a mixture of School staff and external speakers.


As acknowledged in the OFSTED inspection framework, it is extremely difficult to measure the impact of personal development and enrichment sessions, as the impact might not present itself immediately and could be delayed for years after the students have left.

However, we believe that our Personal Development sessions provide students with ample opportunity to learn and explore challenging topics and truly prepares them for the next steps in their life. The impact of Enrichment allows students to discuss and debate a wide variety of topics and provides them with invaluable cultural capital for their future.