Pre-Loved Uniform Shop

Preloved / Second Hand Uniform Shop 

The second-hand uniform shop will be open the first Saturday of each term between 9am and 11am.  The shop is located in the Conservatory, next to the Library.  If you have any queries about the shop opening please email:

If there are spaces available you will be able to park in the Cedars car park (so you don’t have to pay for parking). The Cedars car park is situated just before the Turks pub. If you are driving along London road, you go past one set of traffic lights (and have Kendrick School on your right) continue past the second set of lights by the dentist and then turn right into the car park in front of the school building that is called Cedars. If you are coming down Kendrick Road you will go across the lanes to turn right into the car park. You will then have to walk around to enter Kendrick School via East Street.