School Aims & Vision

The Kendrick Pledge

We, the students, staff and friends of Kendrick School, pledge to uphold the values of friendship, kindness and respect. We promise to stand against prejudice, ignorance and injustice in all its forms, promoting the values of equality, tolerance and justice for all

Kendrick School aims to provide an excellent education for all its students in a safe and healthy environment where students and staff can share a love of learning and enjoy satisfaction in their achievements.

The school wants to promote confidence in its students. The traditional strengths and values are combined with a determination to embrace new challenges, to promote flexible and lifelong learning and to prepare the members of the school’s community for the future. The school is committed to valuing all subjects and areas of the curriculum.

The aims will be achieved by:

  • Creating an ethos where spiritual life and moral values underpin what to do
  • Working collaboratively within the school: with parents and governors, with partner schools and in the wider community. The school will learn from others and also offer its own expertise where it can
  • Promoting a culture in which everyone, irrespective of age or experience, is recognised as having potential for learning, where challenge and innovation are welcomed and where staff and students are encouraged to become members of a learning society. Members of staff are encouraged to be reflective and innovative practitioners. Staff and students engage in regular self review through procedures which are embedded into the life of the school
  • Creating an environment which promotes personalised learning and lifelong skills by maintaining focus on the individual student’s needs, both academic and pastoral
  • Promoting excellence and also breadth in educational experiences. The school wants its students to fulfil their potential across a range of achievements: academic, social, creative and personal
  • Promoting inclusion for all students and staff and finding ways to listen and respond to the ‘student voice’
  • Sustaining commitment to promote active citizenship, respect for others and a willingness to become involved in society
  • Fostering work-related learning and links with business and industry
  • Using technology creatively to help and inspire learning