School Uniform

We welcome parental support to encourage students to come to school dressed neatly and practically for a working day. Should there be any enquiries regarding the uniform, please contact your daughter’s form teacher before purchasing an item. All uniform must be clearly named including all PE kit.

All the uniform can be purchased from:


Reading Branch
11-12 Market Place
Reading RG1 2EG


School Uniform List

  • COAT/ FLEECE: A suitable plain, dark coloured coat, sweatshirt or fleece may be worn as outerwear to and from school. There should be no logos on this clothing.

Grey Kendrick PE ‘hoodies’ may be worn to and from school but not in lessons.

  • Mid-grey classic style skirt with 2 pleats on the front and back. Skirts should not be tight, slit, or made of stretch fabric.

The hem of the skirt should be a length suitable for school and just above the knee.

  • Plain, black classic style trousers.

These should be straight legged and not a tight, ‘bootleg’, ’drainpipe’ or ‘jeans’ style nor should they be ‘low-rise’. There should be no large belts or buckles.

Trousers should not be made out of a denim fabric or leather.

  • BLOUSE: Plain white, long or short sleeved blouse with a revere collar. 

The blouse should be tucked into the waistband when worn under a sweatshirt so that it is not visible below it.

A white tee-shirt or top may be worn under the blouse but not coloured tee-shirts or bras that would show through the blouse.

  • SWEATSHIRT: Sweatshirt in “Kendrick red” with embroidered school crest. 
  • Black shoes of sensible design with low heels.

No trainers, flat pumps, stilettos or platform shoes. Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the school’s Health & Safety Regulations.

  • TIGHTS AND SOCKS: Tights – black, grey or flesh coloured. Socks – plain black, grey or white.
  • HATS and HEAD COVERING: No hats to be worn in school. The wearing of head scarf or hijab, of a plain matching colour to uniform, for religious reasons, is permitted. Garments covering the face or whole body, for example the abaya and niqab are not permitted.
  • One small discreet stud may be worn in each ear. No facial piercing. A wristwatch may be worn but no bracelets. A single chain with an item of jewellery representing the religious symbol of a student’s faith (such as a cross) is permitted but must be discreet. Jewellery must be removed for PE.
  • HAIR/HAIR ORNAMENTS: No extremes of hair colour or style are allowed. Plain hairbands may be worn but only of a matching colour to uniform.
  • & NAILS: The make-up worn should be discreet and appropriate for a school environment. Nail varnish should be clear.
  • SCIENCE OVERALL: Blue or green, available from the uniform suppliers. The overall is compulsory in all Art and Science lessons.

Upper School and Sixth Form students may replace their overalls with a white lab coat.

  • SCIENCE GOGGLES Protective goggles for use in Science and Technology lessons.  Each student must have her own pair; they are obtainable from the school. They must be both impact and chemical resistant to British Standard BS2092 1 C.D.M. level.

Labelling of Science Overall and Goggles

Your daughter’s science overall will need to named. Ideally, this would be embroidered with her first name and surname on the top of the overall (either left or right depending on what side the overall crosses). If you are unable to embroider however, then written in a permanent marker will suffice. Please also name the overall inside.

Goggles also need to be named with a permanent marker on the side.

PE Kit

PE will be held outside regardless of the weather.

Labelling of PE Kit

Please ensure that all your daughter’s PE kit is clearly named with first and surname throughout. 


  • Skort – black with Kendrick logo
  • Polo shirt – Black with Kendrick Logo
  • Cycling shorts – black
  • Sweatshirt – Black midlayer with Kendrick logo. School sweatshirts must not be worn for PE lessons. 
  • Sports socks - white sports socks must be worn
  • Sports trainers –   Not basketball boot type/suede or canvas leisure wear – Non marking sole.
  • Swimming costume – plain black
  • Goggles
  • Swim Hat – White with Kendrick logo
  • Tennis Racquets – for Summer Term

Optional Extras

  • Tracksuit trousers- black with Kendrick logo (no other tracksuit bottoms can be worn)
  • Sports leggings – black with Kendrick logo (no other sports leggings can be worn)
  • Long sleeved base layer – black with Kendrick logo (no other base layer can be worn)
  • Extracurricular Hockey club ONLY -  Maroon Hockey socks, shin pads and mouth guard