Sixth Form Admission

The deadline for applying for a place in Year 12 in September 2020 was Friday 24th January 2020.

Applicants who applied on time will receive an email informing them of the status of their application no later than Friday 28th February 2020.

 Applications received after the deadline will be treated as late applications, but will be considered if submitted by 1st September 2020. Late applications are those which are received after the closing date (24th January 2020) and so cannot be considered with the “gathered field” of on-time applications. 
Late applicants will be added to the Waiting List in order according to their ranking as determined by their predicted GCSE scores. 

Please see the Admission Policy for Entry into Year 12 in September 2020 for more information.

Kendrick School welcomes new students into its Sixth Form. We offer a 3 or 4 AS/A level pathway in the following courses:

Art & Design ● Biology ● Chemistry ● Drama & Theatre ● Economics ● English Literature ● French ● Geography ● German ● History ●Latin ●Mathematics ● Further Mathematics ●Music ● Physical Education  ●Physics ●Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics  ● Sociology ● Spanish ● plus the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Entry Requirements 

For entry into Kendrick School Sixth Form, applicants will normally have to satisfy the following minimum conditions:

  • 8 GCSEs grades A* - B or 9-5 two of which must be English Language and Mathematics and all should be from full GCSE courses.
  • At least a grade B or 6 at GCSE in the subjects to be studied at AS/A-level.
  • Grade B or 6 or above in the Higher Tier is an entry requirement for Mathematics and/or Science AS/A level courses. Students who have taken Foundation Tier GCSE courses in Mathematics and Sciences (rather than Higher Tier) are unlikely to have covered all the appropriate topics from which they can move on to A-level in the context of this school.
  • To study a Science subject it would be necessary for an applicant to have achieved at least a Grade B or 6 in Separate Science GCSEs or Grade B or 6 - 6 in Combined Science.
  • Students who wish to study Further Mathematics must achieve at Grade A*-A or 9-7 in GSCE Mathematics.
  • Students would be expected to have studied GCSE in subjects they wish to study at A-level. In the case of Economics and Sociology where the subjects may not have been studied at GCSE level, Grade B or 6 in English Literature and a Humanity would be required as a minimum condition of entry to the course.
  • Students living overseas at the time of application and not taking GCSE courses must provide evidence of the equivalence of their externally taken qualifications to GCSE by an official organisation (for example NARIC).
  • Students who are Home Schooled will be asked to provide a reference and predicted GCSE grades from a professional body. In the absence of a reference they may be asked to sit mock GCSE examinations at Kendrick School.

Key Dates  

What When
Open Evening Thursday 14th November 2019
6.15pm to 8.15pm
Online application opens Friday 15th November 2019
Deadline for receipt of applications Friday 24th January 2020
Deadline for receiving school references
(requested by Kendrick School)
Friday 7th February 2020
Consultation meetings w/c Monday 2nd March 2020
Provisional offers made by Friday 13th March 2020
Deadline for accepting offer Friday 27th March 2020
Sixth Form Induction Day (compulsory) Thursday 25th June 2020 
GCSE Results Day Thursday 20th August 2020
Sixth Form Registration day (compulsory) Friday 21st August 2020
Start of Term 1, 2020/21 Thursday 3rd September 2020


Registration opens on Friday 15th November 2019 and closes at midnight on Friday 24th January 2020.

The link to the online application form is below. Please ensure you read the Guidelines for Completing the Online Registration Form document below in conjunction with completing the form.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Below are some questions that have been raised by previous applicants.

What grades do you need in your GCSEs/BTECs to be offered a place in Kendrick Sixth Form?
The final offer will be subject to you achieving at least B or 5 in 8 GCSE’s (or a BTEC Level 2 Distinction*, Distinction, or Merit), two of which must be GCSE Mathematics and English, and a B or 6 in the subjects you wish to study at A Level. If you wish to study Further Mathematics you must achieve at least an A or 7 in GCSE Mathematics.

The points are calculated as follows: A* = 8; A = 7; B= 6; C = 5; D = 4; E = 3; 9 = 9; 8=8, etc. BTEC Level 2 Distinction* = 8.5; BTEC Level 2 Distinction = 7; BTEC Level 2 Merit = 5.5. Invite to a consultation is purely based on GCSE/BTEC predicted results.

How does being a pupil premium/service premium or a child in care affect my application?

If you are a pupil premium/service premium or a child in care (or previously in care) you will be eligible to be considered under category 3 of our over-subscription criteria.  This means, if you score 54 or above, you are more likely to be invited to a consultation meeting and provisionally offered a place at Kendrick School. The final offer will be subject to you achieving the grades specified above.

Do you accept BTEC's?
We accept BTEC Level 2s  Distinction *, Distinction and Merit and you can see their point score equivalent above.

Do mock exams have an impact on your application?
Mock exams may affect the predicted grades on your reference, which then may impact your application. You should always aim to do your best with all tests and examinations, whether or not they will an effect on your application.

What is a good combination of courses?
This is completely dependent on your future plans. Speak to your teachers your current school for advice or email

How does the application and acceptance process work?
You will need to complete an online application form by Friday 24th January 2020. Please don’t leave completing your application until the last minute as we cannot accept late applications. If you do not have access to a computer please contact the Admissions Team at Kendrick School and they will be able to assist you. On receipt of your application, we will request provisional subject grades from your current school and, depending on your point score, we will invite you in for a consultation week commencing 2nd March 2020.  The consultation will last about 2 hours and will consist of a discussion with a senior member of staff and an opportunity for you to ask us any questions about the Sixth Form at Kendrick School.  The discussion will last approximately 20 minutes and the purpose is to discuss your plans for post-16 education and to ensure that Kendrick is the right place for you.  Don’t feel nervous about this, we simply wish to ensure that you will be happy here at Kendrick School and that we are able to offer you the subjects you wish to study.

Following the consultation we will let you know as soon as possible if we can offer you a place in the Sixth Form and the deadline for you accepting an offer of a place is Friday 20th March 2020.

Are the teachers helpful to students?
Of course! They are experts in their subject but they are also very aware that success doesn’t come easily. Lots of drop-in sessions and booster sessions are available and staff are often found at breaktimes, helping students with their work. 

Admission Policy for Entry into Year 12 in September 2020