Student Wellbeing

There is a strong and well organised pastoral structure in the school based upon an effective infrastructure and a good communications system. The system of pastoral care begins with the induction process led by the Teaching and Learning Coordinator (TLC) for Year 7 and the Year 7 tutors.

The role of the tutor is of the utmost importance and is the first point of contact over any issue (for parents and for staff). Our intention at Kendrick is that there is a close and caring relationship between the student and her tutor which will support the student during her life at Kendrick.

Regular tutor meetings, documentation of all information, formal and informal discussions, regular one-to-one student profiling, reports and tutor involvement in their form’s PSHCE programme all go to create the conditions which enable this relationship to flourish. The TLC oversees the whole process and is the next point of contact after the tutor.

We also understand and value the contribution that parents and carers give to this relationship and we wish to work in partnership and in cooperation with parents and carers so that students feel supported and valued in their school life.

As well as the support and guidance provided by the tutor, Year Head and parents there are a number of outside agencies that we liaise with to support the pastoral work in school as detailed below.

Student Welfare Team 


The Student Welfare Team are based in the General Office and Sixth Form Office and available to help students with any emotional issues they are experiencing or with well-being support.

The Base

The Base is a Student Welfare Room is a safe space that can be used as required by agreement of the Student Welfare Team or Head of Key Stage 3, 4 or 5



Please contact if you require any wellbeing support.

School Nurse 

We have available to us the services of a school nurse. She is a regular visitor to the school and is involved and participates in aspects of the PSHCE programme. Appointments to see the nurse can be made via the school office for those who wish to discuss matters of a private and confidential nature.

The School Nursing Team has created a short video on the service

February half-term Newsletter 2021

The Berkshire School Aged Immunisation Team have a new electronic consent system that parents can complete online, details here.  

Counselling at Kendrick 

To support our students, two counsellors from the No. 5 Youth Counselling Service are available for 25 hours a week.  Students are able to access this service by contacting the School Welfare Officer.

No 5 Parents / Carers Leaflet

Reflections of a Counsellor

Educational Psychologist 

Referral to the Educational Psychologist may be considered useful and is generally initiated by the Head of Year and SENDCo.

Educational Welfare Officer 

We will call on the EWO when there are issues relating to attendance.

There are other specialist adolescent agencies that are also available for us to call on depending on the circumstances and need of individual students.