The New Building

Dismantling of 'SC2'

A ‘historic’ event took place at Kendrick at the end of January when Sc2 was dismantled from its place in the carpark after having served us so well for almost 20 years. It was originally located in the quad that now houses the Faraday Labs and was a fully functioning laboratory, hence its name Science 2. Then it was moved to its current location in 2008 where it has been a most useful assembly and meeting centre. I am told the students in the rooms closest to it found it fascinating as the structure was slowly and carefully taken down.  Shortly, other big developments to the building project will be taking place as elements of the new structure will be brought into school and assembled on site.

Assembling the New Building

The new building is now being assembled. By Friday 14th February, 33 lorries will have delivered the required number of panels that make up the building so that by the time we return to school after half term, the building will be up and the internal works will begin. It has been quite exciting to watch the panels come together to form the three stories and nine rooms of the building; a super opportunity for all of us to see a modern construction in the making. There has been some inconvenience to us on site and to our neighbours because East Street has had to close for the lorries to drive in and out of school, but students and staff and our neighbours have been most considerate and patient as the work is being done. Thank you.