Weekly Mental Health and Wellbeing Message

Our wellbeing theme this term is "Eat, Sleep, Breathe" and we will be sending students, parents and carers, and staff information throughout the term on why eating well, getting good sleep and relaxation is so important to good mental health and wellbeing.


As well as being Red Nose Day, today is World Sleep Day

  • World Sleep Day is a global call for action to promote sleep health
  • The theme this year is “Sleep is Essential for Health”
  • Just like eating well and exercising, sleep is a behaviour that is foundational to your physical, mental, and social well-being. 
  • However, sleep is not yet commonly considered an essential behaviour for good health. World Sleep Day is an opportunity to promote sleep health alongside thousands of other sleep health professionals and advocates.

For more information on the importance of good sleep and some hints and tips on getting a good night’s sleep, why not have a look at our Wellbeing Newsletter No.2 - The importance of good sleep.

For information on how you can help your child or young person achieve good sleep from please click on the information here from Great Ormond Street.