Weekly Well-Being Message


SOURCE: Anna Freud

A lot of young people Anna Freud spoke to said listening to music helped them manage their feelings in several different ways:

  • Listening to music you know you enjoy to help improve your mood
  • Listening to music really loudly to release built up tension/anger
  • Listening to music similar to the emotion you’re feeling to release pent up emotions
  • Listening to music that is the opposite to what your feeling e.g Calming music when you are feeling anxious to help soothe yourself

I love movie soundtracks

Have you tried listening to the Spotify mood playlists? They’ve got one for all different emotions as well as ‘focus’ and ‘chill’ for if you are working and relaxing.  

Some of the Centre's staff have put together a playlist of music that lifts their spirits which you can listen to by clicking here