Work Experience

Work Experience takes place in Term 6 of Year 10. Using the services of the ‘Learning to Work’ charity*, students have the valuable opportunity to spend a week in a work placement. This is relevant learning, where our students learn to act in a professional manner in the work place, taking on new and unfamiliar tasks, working alongside people they only know in a professional capacity. The placement are sought to closely meet the aspirations of our students and the feedback from this activity is overwhelmingly positive.

Students in the Sixth Form are encouraged to investigate work experience opportunities for themselves. The WRL learning co-ordinator also informs Sixth Form students of offers of work experience placement which are advertised and offered by our valued network of supporting businesses and contacts. The placements sourced are accurately matched to the students' career aspirations.

* Learning to Work is a local charity working for the benefit of local young people, schools, colleges and businesses. Learning to Work creates high impact activities with local employers to inspire young people, educate them about opportunities and give them the skills they need to be successful.