Year 8 Bushcraft Residential Trip

Bushcraft was a very good experience in many ways, we learnt new skills that will benefit us in the future; learnt how to survive in the wild; how to deal with bugs; but most importantly, we met new people, had fun, and enjoyed being outside, admiring nature we are so lucky to have!

Although we were camping, the living spaces were quite good. While we were listening to the camp leaders, eating our lunch, or just talking to our friends, we would sit in the yurt for our separate camps. This is where we would spend most of our time in the day when we weren’t doing our activities. The tents looked very small from the outside, but they were surprisingly big inside.  Although some tents had seven people, that wasn’t much of a problem!  A lot of people were worried about the fact that there would be a lot of bugs in our tents, and yes, some of them had quite a variety of bugs, from wasps and ants to spiders and daddy-long-legs.  The trip also gave us the chance to mix with some different people from the other forms, and get to know others better!

The catering was for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters as well. They were also flexible about meal options, so you could choose whatever you liked the look of! Most meals were cooked by the camp chief, so we could get on with our activities, although we did make a fair few ourselves. There was lots of variety in the cuisine ranging from falafel to curries to stew. They also had pizza stoves which we had to collect wood from the forest to fuel. In the mornings we got a cooked breakfast which was nice.  It warmed us up when it was slightly chilly. 


The activities that we did were fun. Some of the best activities we got to participate in were first aid and archery. During the trip, we were able to showcase our First Aid teachings in a surprising event! We also played games in the woods, and it was nice to be in the wilderness as it was a chance to explore a place that we had never been to before. There were many opportunities for us to make our own fires.  In fact, as soon as we had got settled into our tribes, the first thing we did was make a fire to cook our lunch on -burgers!  We went for nature walks too (lots of caterpillars hanging on the trees everywhere!) and they told us lots of interesting facts about different plants and trees.  On the whole, the activities were exciting (even though sometimes we fell in the mud playing the games - lesson learned to always wear waterproofs! Never let your guard down… you never know when you might trip and slide down the hill, and you have to stay there for an hour in cold wet leggings…!

Elise, Jiya and Nitya

Photos from Bushcraft 2021