School Fund

Subscription to School Fund

A school fund is maintained by voluntary contributions from the parents of students. Its purpose is to provide an additional source of funding for the provision of facilities and educational resources for the benefit of students. We use our School Fund to support so many activities in the school that have now become essential to school life. For example the school mini bus, the Counselling Service, coaches for PE activities, on site and elsewhere, Music Tutors for extracurricular ensembles, additional equipment in Technology, additional enhanced IT provision, subsidies for school trips, support for families who cannot afford essential trips, courses and one off conferences for groups of students to attend, etc. Without our school fund contributions, many elements in the school would disappear and the experience of students on a daily basis would be affected.

The amount we suggest for school fund contributions is £250 per year. If you choose to donate by standing order, please complete the form below and return the whole form to the school.

One off adhoc donations can be made through ParentPay. If you want to Gift Aid your donation please complete the form below and return to the school.