Plant Parenting at Kendrick

We closed last year’s Eco chapter with a flower show.

Four weeks ago, students were asked to sign up if they wanted to be a plant parent. Mrs Kaur bought three different types of flower plants including Marigold in orange and yellow, Dianthus in pink, Carnations and Begonias.


A week later, students were given their plant on a first come first pick basis. We had three Year 7 tutor groups, two Year 8 tutor groups, three Year 9 tutor groups, a Year 10 group and the librarians.


During the Eco meeting, students were handed out their plant with an information sheet about their plants to help them nurture it in the right conditions.  Students were also informed that at the end of three weeks, there would be a prize for: 

  1. The best looking pot
  2. The best looking flowers
  3. The best named plant pot
  4. Any other special mention

During the last Eco meeting, plant parents and Eco warriors were together in a room (eating cake and) marvelling at the care some of the students had shown in looking after their plant and keeping it blooming. There were some sad looking plants which we will try to revive in the summer months.

Here are some photos of the proud plant parents at Kendrick :

Aishwarya and Diya from Year 10 with their plant “Begonce Bunlop The Begonia” won the overall award for being number one plant parents. The students had given the plant a bigger pot and more nutritious soil with enough water and sunlight which helped it look so good and healthy.


Here’s another Begonia plant with Lulu from Year 7.

Esme from Year 7 with Diane the Dianthus won everyone’s votes on the pot decoration.

Moya, Ivy and Areesha from Year 9 with their Shrek themed “Fiona” plant got an award for a creative name.

Yet to bloom, Martin the marigold was taken very good care of by Year 8s, Jo and Diya. They got a special prize for being patient with their plant and not giving up!

We will do many more fun projects next year, with an especially exciting session at the summer camp to do with sustainability.

Mrs Kaur and the Eco Warriors