Poetic Success for Shravya

On Saturday 14th October, I was invited to the Arc Centre in Winchester for the award ceremony and announcement of the winners of the Hampshire Young Poets Competition 2023 run by Hampshire Cultural Trust and Winchester Poetry Festival

The theme this year was ‘Home.’ I entered this competition back in July with my poem, ‘three boys’ inspired by my dad’s childhood home which I have visited on occasion during trips to India. 

The winners were announced by Hampshire Poet Laureate, Nazneed Ahmed Pathak, and I came third! 

After the announcements, each poet was given the opportunity to read their poems to the audience. It was fascinating to see the range of themes expressed in the poems, from bedrooms at home to refugees.  Once the presentation had finished, I had the opportunity to meet Nazneed and talk to her about my poem. 

Attending this event was a very special opportunity and I really enjoyed it!

Shravya - Year 11

three boys

a street lined with pale brown 

houses dusted with vivid 

greens of ivy and vines.


a house of new faces, filled 

with old memories 

and thoughts;

a remembrance of a past

with those no more.


carved in wood,

and forever in their hearts; 

the childhood home of 

three boys grown up.