Admission into Year 7 in September 2023

The results are now available to view online. Please see the information under the Results tab below.


The Open Day sessions have now finished. We are unable to facilitate individual visits to the school.  However, we will offer all candidates that achieved the qualifying score and who reside in Priority Area 1 and 2, an opportunity to tour the school in October before completing the Common Application Form


The purpose of this booklet is to outline the admission procedures for prospective students aiming to join Kendrick School in September 2023 as a Year 7 student.

Parents are advised to read this document carefully prior to making an application on behalf of their daughter so that they fully understand the steps they must take and are aware of the key dates in the process.

The link to the booklet is below:

Admission Guidelines for Entry in into Year 7 in September 2023


The online application form will open on 1st May 2022 and the deadline for completion is 1st July 2022. 

The link to the application form is below which went live on Sunday 1st May 2022.

Please read the instructions below very carefully before completing the application form. 

Guidelines for Completing the Admission Form

Admission Test Application Frequently Asked Questions 


The admission tests will take place at Kendrick School on Saturday 17th September 2022 over three sessions throughout the day.

Instructions for the test day, including which session your child has been allocated were sent by email on Wednesday 13th July. Please check your spam or junk folder if you have not received this email. It is not possible to request a particular session unless there are medical needs supported by a professional.

The test day arrangements and timings can be found below:





We are receiving a number of the same questions regarding the test day arrangements and, although we are happy to help as much as possible, I am sure you will all appreciate that we are extremely busy at the moment and unable to deal with each query individually. Therefore we have put together a number of the most common questions and provided you with the answers below. 

These Q&As will be updated as and when we receive more queries. Please check these before contacting the school with your questions.

However, if your query is not on the list please telephone 0118 9015859 and speak to the Receptionist who triage your call.

If your child is part of our Widening Horizons initiative and you have any questions, please contact Amanda Emberson-Powney in the normal way.



This familiarisation booklet is designed to inform parents and candidates about the Entrance Test in order to:

• Give a feel for the appearance of the actual assessment
• Introduce some of the symbols and phrases used in the assessment
• Inform parents and candidates of the invigilation procedure
• Indicate the range of disciplines that will be tested
• Highlight the range of answer formats used in the assessment. This booklet also includes examples to indicate the range of skills required to complete the assessment and the manner in which questions are answered.

This familiarisation booklet is NOT definitive and the inclusion of any question types does not guarantee that they will be found in the final assessment.

Please note: There are no practice test papers for this assessment: resources available in bookshops or on the internet are not genuine CEM resources. This familiarisation booklet is the only official CEM 11+ resource available

Kendrick School Familiarisation Booklet

This guide tells you about the different types of questions you will be asked when you take the test for real. It will also help you to understand how to use an answer sheet correctly. You may print copies of this book, for your own use, to practise answering questions and marking your answers on the answer sheet.

Extended Familiarisation Booklet 


Results are now available online. You will need the Unique ID/User ID which was given to you when you registered your child for the test and the password you created when completing the application form. The results will only available until 31st December 2022, so we recommend printing a copy as we cannot provide this information after this date.


Candidates will be notified of their standardised score and be informed if they have met the standard for Kendrick School or not.

An offer of a place will be dependent on:

  • The applicant including Kendrick as a preferred school on the CAF
  • The number of candidates with a qualifying score who put Kendrick School on their CAF
  • The resulting rank order adjusted for those living within the designated area
  • The application, if required, of the oversubscription criteria. 

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions here before contacting the school with any queries. However, please note that it is unlikely we will be able to provide any information other than what is included within the FAQs.


You must complete a CAF through your own Local Authority; this also applies to candidates from the independent sector.  The CAF is issued by the candidate’s primary school or can be obtained directly from your Local Authority.  However, the majority of applicants now complete the CAF online and this method has many advantages.  You will receive a unique log in, and can change your preferences up to midnight of the deadline for submission.  On the CAF you must list all the state schools you wish to apply for including grammar schools both in and outside your own area. 

Your preferences should be placed on the CAF in rank order.  List the schools to which you are applying in your genuinely preferred order.   All preferences are considered using the over-subscription criteria for each school.  Where a student can be placed at more than one school, the offer will be for the highest ranked school on the CAF where places are available. 

Local Authorities will make offers to eligible students using the stated admission criteria for each school.  It is therefore very important to find out the particular admission requirements for each school you are interested in. These will be published on each school’s website.

Kendrick School cannot provide any further guidance or advice on completing the CAF.


You will be notified to which school your child has been allocated through your Local Authority on 1st March 2023 – this is the National Offer Day. 

If your child is not offered a place at the school of your choice, you have a right to appeal against this decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.  Details of how to appeal can be obtained from your Local Authority or on the school’s website.