Designated Area

The designated area is made up of the two priority areas below. Please refer to the appropriate admission policy as to how these Priority Areas affect the oversubscription criteria.

Priority Area 1 

RG2 0, RG2 6, RG2 7, RG2 8
RG30 1, RG30 2, RG30 3, RG30 4, RG30 6
RG31 4, RG31 5, RG31 6, RG31 7
RG4 5, RG4 6, RG4 7, RG4 8
RG5 3
RG6 1, RG6 5, RG6 6, RG6 7

Priority Area 2 

RG2 9, RG4 9, RG5 4, RG6 3, RG6 4, RG7, RG8, RG9, RG10, RG12, RG18, RG19, RG21, RG24, RG26, RG27,RG40, RG41, RG42, RG45, RG14 2, RG14 5, RG20 4, RG20 5, RG20 6, RG20 7, RG22 6, RG23 8, RG29 1

GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19, GU20, GU46, GU47, GU51, GU52

OX10 0, OX10 1, OX10 6, OX10 8, OX10 9, OX11 9, OX49 5

SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL1 5, SL1 6, SL1 7, SL1 8, SL1 9

HP10 9, HP11, HP12, HP14 3


An applicant’s permanent home address is their current and their normal place of residence, excluding any business address or a relative or childminder’s address, and must be the permanent place of residence of the parent/carer with whom the applicant spends the majority of their time, Monday to Friday. Where there is a formal residence order or child arrangements order which states that care of the child is equally shared between parents/carers, then it is up to them to agree which address to use for the purpose of making a school place application. If care of the applicant is not equally shared, the address of the parent with whom the applicant spends the majority of their time must be used. Where there is no formal agreement in place, the address where any child benefit payments are made will be used.

The exception to this is if the family are Crown Servants or members of the Armed Forces. Documentary evidence will be required.

If the main address has changed temporarily, for example where a family is renting a property on a Short Term Tenancy Agreement, then the parental address remains that at which the parent was resident before the period of temporary residence began unless it can be shown that all ties to the previous address have been relinquished, or that the move is not easily reversible. The Governors may refuse to base an allocation on an address which might be considered only a temporary address or an address of convenience. An address of convenience is considered to be an address used for the purposes of gaining a school place which is not a child’s normal, permanent residence. If the permanent home address of an applicant is incorrectly stated or a parent/carer submits false or misleading information or deliberately withholds any relevant information, the application will be invalid and will result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place or a place already accepted at the School.

Once offers have been made, Kendrick School will require documentary evidence of the applicant’s permanent home address. This will include consideration as to whether or not the address used to make an application was temporary. A temporary address cannot be used to obtain a school place and will only be considered when evidence is provided showing a genuine reason for the move, such as homeliness, flooding or subsidence. Kendrick School reserves the right to carry out random checks at any time and this may include a home visit and/or consulting with the Local Authority and primary school. Parents will be required to declare that the address used will be their place of residence beyond the date of the student starting school. Kendrick School reserves its right to carry out further investigation of any change of address once the student has started school.


Some residential arrangements will be considered temporary. In such cases, the School Admissions Team will examine available evidence to determine whether, on balance, the declared home address may be considered the child’s permanent home for the purpose of admission.

In cases where the declared address is rented, yet the applicant has no claim on another property, it may still be considered a temporary address where there is evidence to show the applicant is renting the property solely for the period necessary to secure admission to a school.

A temporary address cannot be used to obtain a school place and will only be considered where evidence is provided showing a genuine reason for the move e.g. homelessness, flooding or subsidence.


Checks will be made to determine whether the home address declared is that of a second home (with the main home being elsewhere).

Any circumstance where the declared address is to be accepted as the permanent home, despite another home being owned or otherwise available for occupation, should be declared at the point of application. Without being exhaustive these might include:

an owned property being a considerable distance from the preferred school, indicating that the family had permanently relocated to the new home; or

an owned property that is uninhabitable and cannot reasonably be made habitable in the period leading up to admission to the school; or

an owned property that is in the process of being sold and the family live permanently in the declared property; or

a family home that, following divorce or separation, cannot be occupied by the applicant or otherwise treated as the child’s permanent home.