The school will provide students with all essential stationery such as a homework diary and exercise books. Full exercise books will be replaced free of charge, but if a student loses her exercise book or diary, she will be expected to purchase a replacement from the General Office.

Students will need to provide other stationery items, for example, pens rough books, pencils, ruler, and eraser. Ink eradicator (for example, Tippex) and bottles of ink should NOT be brought to school.

The school will also provide each student with essential textbooks in all subjects; they will be expected to return the books in good condition at the end of the year. Lost or badly damaged books will be charged for.

Other items which students are expected to provide for themselves include Modern Language dictionary, Maths calculator, Art pencil and brush. For ease and consistency all students are encouraged to purchase the recommended educational resources.

Students will be expected to provide their own ingredients for Food Technology lessons and materials for Textiles. In addition a contribution towards the cost of consumable materials may be requested from all the Technology subjects during the course of the year.

There will be an opportunity to buy school equipment and education aids including magazines for Modern Languages and Maths, and hockey sticks for PE. We do not wish to disadvantage any student if there are any financial difficulties, and if this applies to you please contact the Headteacher in confidence. Subsidies may be arranged to enable students to participate in trips or visits which could not otherwise be afforded.