Jane Cox

Jane is a director of Principle Consulting, a social enterprise that supports charities to campaign for government policy changes that will help their beneficiaries. 

Jane left Kendrick in 1999 after completing A-levels in Maths, English and History and went on to study History at the University of Sheffield.  After completing her degree, Jane was elected to the role of Welfare Office at Sheffield Student’s Union for a year where she had her first taste of leading campaigns on the issues of student fees and affordable accommodation.  Jane went on to work in Parliament as a researcher and for the last 10 years has helped many charities to effectively get their messages across to parliamentarians and the Government. 

Jane is passionate about volunteering and has volunteered as an English teaching assistant in schools in Tanzania and Kenya, and now helps one morning a week in her children’s school in Maidenhead.  Jane is also a media volunteer for Alzheimer’s Research UK, speaking about her mother’s experiences of early onset Alzheimer’s to raise awareness about the condition.