Non Routine Admissions

In Year Admissions occur when a student on roll leaves the school and creates a vacancy. A vacancy is created when the number of students on roll for a particular year group falls below the admission number.

Our Published Admission Numbers (PAN) for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 is 96.

The In Year Admissions process is normally triggered when the above conditions are met in Year 9, Year 8 and Year 7 (after December 31st). For Year 7 vacancies, the initial waiting list arising from the admissions test is used until December 31st.

The school does not normally offer places after the start of Year 10 or for Year 11.

The school will maintain a list of prospective applicants and when a place becomes available, will invite those in the appropriate age group to be tested. 

Vacancies in Year 10 in September 2019

We are expanding our Year 10 cohort by four places (one additional student per form) in September 2019 and testing will take place in Term 6.

 There will be tests in English and Mathematics and Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS). The selection process sets out to identify students who are currently working at the level of Kendrick students.  If more than four students meet this criteria, the oversubscription criteria will be applied. Please read the Non-Routine Admission Policy on our website for more information.

Interested applicants should complete the Non-Routine online application form below by SUNDAY 2ND JUNE 2019. 

Kendrick School Non-Routine Application Form

Year Groups - 2018/2019

Year Group Date of Birth
Year 7 1st September 2006 to 31st August 2007
Year 8 1st September 2005 to 31st August 2006
Year 9 1st September 2004 to 31st August 2005
Year 10 1st September 2003 to 31st August 2004
Year 11 1st September 2002 to 31st August 2003
Year 12 1st September 2001 to 31st August 2002
Year 13 1st September 2000 to 31st August 2001

Parents/carers who wish to add their daughter to the Prospective List should complete the online Non-Routine Prospective List application form below.

Kendrick School Non-Routine Application Form

Before completing the online application form please read the document below.