Personal Development


We, the students, staff and friends of Kendrick School, pledge to uphold the values of friendship, kindness and respect. We promise to stand against prejudice, ignorance and injustice in all its forms, promoting the values of equality, tolerance and justice for all.


This Ofsted judgement is about how well the school supports the personal development of students beyond the curriculum and how well students are provided with opportunities to develop and discover their interests and talents. In addition, it includes how far as a school we develop students’ character, resilience, confidence and independence, as well as help them keep mentally and physically healthy. This area of work also extends to preparing young people for adult life in modern Britain, encouraging them to make a positive contribution as citizens in society, appreciating the diversity within British society, as well as understanding the essential British values as articulated by government.

Kendrick School feel that we do a huge amount of work in this area, much of it planned and coordinated through our PSHCE lessons, House System, numerous clubs and societies, charity work, Enterprise Days, visiting speakers, assemblies etc. in addition, a lot happens through the values we espouse in our Kendrick Pledge and through our daily interactions and the relationships we endeavour to nurture in school.  We are very proud of the aims of our school and the Kendrick Pledge which we feel are understood by all members of our community. To familiarise yourself with these, the link is here. The pledge, in particular, provides us with values and ideals that can help guide us in our behaviours and interactions with each other in our daily lives.