Weekly Safeguarding Messsage


Please read the information via this link and below produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre on the Blue Whale Challenge which has recently been in the news:

Our Professionals Online Safety Helpline has recently seen an increase in the number of calls that they have received about the ‘Blue Whale story’. We have written this advice for those who are concerned about this story, as well as expert opinions and other news stories to help support professionals and parents who might be concerned about young people online.

What is the ‘Blue Whale story’?
In the last month many media outlets have reported on the so called ‘Blue Whale’ phenomenon which has been claimed to be responsible for a number of teenager’s deaths in Russia. 

It is through research and consultation with other colleagues at the time of this blog it has come to our attention that the ‘Blue Whale’ is an example of a sensationalised fake news story. 

Snopes, online fact checking website, have found that although there have been reports of young people committing suicide in Russia over the last six months, of these reported cases none have been found to have had a conclusive tie to the ‘Blue Whale’”.

To read the report in full please click here