World Sleep Day

Friday 15th March is World Sleep Day when sleep health advocates across the world take action in their local communities, clinics and countries to raise the importance of sleep health.

The Teen Sleep Hub is a one stop shop for all you need to know about sleep. Their aim is quite simple - they want you get the support you need to achieve a good night's sleep. 

Every day this week we will post a short video from the Teen Sleep Hub on why you need better sleep and tips on how to achieve it.

Why Better Sleep? 
It happens to the best of us. Lots of things can cause us to be anxious – whether that’s school, friendships and relationships, or even home life. The important thing is to deal with the worries so they don’t impact on your mental health and your sleep.

Remixes to Relax

Teen Sleep Hub has collected their top 5 Spotify playlists to help you get a better night’s sleep. With such a huge range of different music available, they know it can be hard to find the right songs to help you drift off at night.

Social Media, Screen Time and Peer Pressure

Screen activity too close to bedtime interferes with your sleep, making it harder to fall asleep and leaving you looking less than fresh the next day– not a good look for that morning Instagram post!