Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

The Student Wellbeing Ambassador initiative was introduced in May 2023. 

Their role is to:

  • To champion positive mental health and wellbeing across the whole school.
  • To share your learning around mental health and promote the importance of self-care.
  • To encourage others to talk and challenge their feelings about mental health.
  • Provide feedback on what is working well and highlight any gaps in how Kendrick School approaches wellbeing.

Their role is evolving and will be determined by what they, as the student body, feel the school needs to focus on with regards to student mental health and wellbeing. Initially they will:

  • Be a positive wellbeing and mental health role model for their form and throughout the school.
  • Be part of the Wellbeing Ambassador team to:
    • produce a termly ‘wellbeing podcast’ led by Miss Hyde
    • lead assemblies on good mental health and wellbeing
    • create resources for the Wellbeing Google Classroom and Wellbeing noticeboards
    • run wellbeing lunchtime sessions for students in the Base
    • provide a student input into national awareness initiatives such as Children’s Mental Health Week and Safer Internet Day.

What makes a good Wellbeing Ambassador?

  • Being a good listener and communicator.
  • Being aware of how to look after your own wellbeing.
  • Having a positive attitude.
  • Being kind, caring, empathetic, supportive and inclusive.
  • Being passionate in wanting to help others take care of their mental health.
  • Being willing to learn more about mental health and wanting to share your knowledge with others.

For their first project the Wellbeing Ambassadors have created a booklet for students for the summer holidays. They have worked hard on this and have packed it with useful tips on topics such as friendships, transitioning to a new year group, and managing workload.

You can download a copy of the booklet called Dealing with Change here.

Wellbeing Ambassadors Advice on Friendship

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors have produced some very informative and lovely presentations and a newsletter on the topic of Friendship which you can access via the links below.

Wellbeing Ambassadors - Friendship Newsletter

Wellbeing Ambassadors Friendship Presentation Version 1

Wellbeing Ambassadors Friendship Presentation Version 2