Admission into Year 7 in September 2024

The information on this page is relevant to those students joining Year 7 in September 2024.


Kendrick School has made some changes to their admission policies for 2024 entry. These policies have been ratified by the Learning and Teaching Committee on 19th January 2023 and are now final. Please click on this link for more information.

It is important to note that Kendrick School will no longer be in a consortium and therefore results will not be shared with other grammar schools, including the Slough Consortium. We have already communicated that Kendrick School will be using GL Assessment as the test provider for 2024. This did not form part of the consultation process.

Kendrick School has its own contract with GL Assessment and there will be no sharing of 11+ scores with any other schools.


Open Day Sessions for Entry into Year 7 in September 2024
Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th April 2023

If your daughter is in Year 5 and showing academic potential at her primary school and has an enquiring mind and a love of learning, we invite you to attend one of our Open Day sessions. You must be living within our designated area to attend one of these sessions. Designated area information can be found here.

The sessions will take place in either the morning or afternoon and will last approximately 1½ hours. There will be a tour of the school with our students, and a talk by the Headteacher, Ms Kattirtzi and our Student Leader Team.  You will also be able to find out more the entrance test procedure.

Car parking is not available on the school site.




The tests will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023 at Kendrick School, in either the morning or the afternoon. No alternative test date will be offered to candidates who wish to sit a test for another grammar school on the same day.

Candidates will sit two test papers, with questions covering a combination of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics. All marking and standardisation will be carried out by the test provider. 

There is no creative writing element to the admission tests.

Please note that Kendrick School does not support or promote tutoring for the admissions tests as the test outcomes should be an indicator of the child’s natural academic ability and their potential to benefit from the kind of academic education provided at Kendrick School.

Familiarisation material is provided by GL Assessment and can be found below. 


Below are 10 hours of free familiarisation materials provided by GL Assessment. All these elements will be included in the Kendrick School admission tests.

The familiarisation materials provide:

  • Examples of multiple-choice questions
  • Sample questions across a range of question types
  • Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests,

Please note that the Familiarisation Booklets below are NOT definitive and the inclusion of any question types does not guarantee that they will be found in the final assessment.

Please note, private tutors or other organisations may not feature this page and/or these materials (or any part of them) on their websites, or copy, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use these materials or any part of their content without the prior consent of GL Assessment. For further enquiries, please contact


English 1 Test                   
English 1 Answer

English 2 Test
English 2 Answer

English - Parents' Booklet


Maths 1 Test
Maths 1 Answer

Maths 2 Test
Maths 2 Answer

Maths - Parents' Booklet


Non-Verbal Reasoning 1 Test
Non-Verbal Reasoning 1 Answer

Non-Verbal Reasoning 2 Test
Non-Verbal Reasoning 2 Answer

Non- Verbal Reasoning 3 Test
Non-Verbal Reasoning 3 Answer

Non-Verbal Reasoning Parents' Booklet


Verbal Reasoning 1 Test
Verbal Reasoning 1 Answer

Verbal Reasoning 2 Test
Verbal Reasoning 2 Answer

Verbal Reasoning 3 Test
Verbal Reasoning 3 Answer

Verbal Reasoning Parents' Booklet


Practice papers can be purchased from GL Assessment here. Students in receipt of pupil premium, service premium or a child in care, who live within our designate area and who participate in our Widening Horizons initiative, will be given a free pack of these practice booklets in Term 5 or 6.


The online admission form will open on 1st May 2023 and must be completed by midnight Saturday 1st July 2023. Testing will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023 and results will be made available before completion of the CAF on 31st October 2023.


 Kendrick School admission tests for entry into Year 7 in September 2024 will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023 either am or pm. Please note:

  • There will be no alternative dates offered if the Kendrick School admission test day clashes with another school or consortium you may be considering. You must choose the school or consortium that you intend to apply to and that has admission arrangements that are relevant to your child. Any alternative test date will be for exceptional circumstances only and subject to documentary evidence. Kendrick School will work closely with the Slough Consortium, and other grammar schools,  to ensure that these applicants do not sit the test with another school or consortium on Saturday 16th September, and vice versa.
  • Please see Kendrick School designated area for September 2024 on our website via this link. Candidates who apply outside of the designated area can sit the test at Kendrick School on Saturday 16th September 2023, but it is very unlikely they would be offered a place at Kendrick School. We have not offered any places to candidates outside of the designated area since the introduction of the designated area in 2013.
  • There will no sharing of results with any school or consortium.